Taking part in the Atelier 22B adventure means...

  • Contribute to celebrate the cultural heritage of West Africa,
  • Sustainably support the development of women's artisan communities and social inclusion,
  • While offering you objects that are healthy for you and for the planet.

Choosing to buy from Atelier 22B means revolutionising the world of African interior design through an inspiring and accessible lifestyle experience, while having a positive social impact on the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read us and for allowing us to continue our wonderful adventure. Because from the beginning, for us, it's all about You.


Atelier 22B is committed to having a positive and significant societal and environmental impact through the construction of an ethical, transparent and fair value chain.

As a company with a purpose-driven company, our approach revolves around 3 axes:


To create well-thought-out, audacious, quality design objects, always at a fair price. Our products are made to last beyond codes and fashions, respecting people and the planet throughout their life cycle.


1. Working for women

Support women's entrepreneurship by rewarding craftswomen through fair remuneration, and offer them a favorable environment for local creation to limit rural exodus and improve their status.

2. Promoting an open, inclusive and supportive society

To support and collaborate, in Africa and in France wherever possible, with establishments dedicated to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities.


Celebrate African references by supporting creation in innovative ways, without betraying or appropriating the culture.

Our ambition is to perpetuate a professional and virtuous craft industry capable of meeting international demands; we encourage innovation and adaptation of the offer, while promoting the training of our partners through the exchange of experience with experts.


The founder

Originally from France and Senegal, Violaine Beh has traveled around forty countries in search of human connections, cultural experiences, and artisanal expertise.

Having navigated within various major international corporations such as KPMG, LVMH, and Technip FMC, where she honed a strong expertise and conquered numerous challenges, Violaine embarked on a path of realignment between personal values and professional pursuits. This was aimed at unleashing her talent for design, her infectious energy, and her creativity in service of women's empowerment, social inclusion, beauty, and authenticity.

Championing a compelling vision and ambition that inspire interest and enthusiasm, in 2023, Violaine Beh takes the leap and establishes Atelier 22B.

She envisioned the inaugural collection, quickly capturing attention with the minimalist and distinctive essence of African design. Since then, she continues to rally around the Atelier 22B project, fostering an ecosystem of stakeholders poised to shake up the industry with original and authentic pieces that resonate with our lifestyles, all while unwaveringly upholding a commitment to a desirable future."