"Puit de Lumière", notre première collection, est une invitation à se lancer pour explorer de nouvelles perspectives et à embrasser l'éclat qui définit notre marque.

Tel un rayon de lumière perçant, cette collection représente la percée audacieuse de la marque Atelier 22B dans le monde du design circulaire, mettant en lumière un univers nouveau, inspiré des savoirs faire d’Afrique de l’ouest.


The name 'Well of Light' conjures the powerful alliance of two complementary resources.

On one hand, the well, rooted in the millennia-old tradition of daily ritual, symbolizes the very essence of life and the connection to African soil. It's a sacred meeting point, often associated with women, where the vital resource of water is drawn to nourish and sustain the family.

On the other, light, both diffuse and essential, warms, illuminates, and showcases the beautiful and the virtuous. It mirrors our vision steadfastly directed towards brightness and brilliance.

'Well of Light' is more than just a collection. It's a symbol of rebirth, a celebration of tradition and modernity fused in upscale design. We take pride in presenting to you this inaugural step of our journey, and we hope you'll be inspired by the beauty of the light emanating from each of our products.

Welcome to Atelier 22B - 'Well of Light.'