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Handwoven Pendant Light "Midnight Glow"

Handwoven Pendant Light "Midnight Glow"

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Bring African design into your home with the Midnight Glow pendant light!

Its delicate circular weaving elegantly adorns your space, whether illuminated or not. Each piece is unique, handwoven in Senegal using traditional Serer basketry, conceived by Violaine, the founder of Atelier 22B in Paris.

Perfect solo or grouped, this pendant adds charm to the dining room, living room, or even the office, capturing the blend of tradition and design that characterizes our brand.

Electrical fixture sold separately.

Bulb sold separately.


Opt for the Midnight Glow pendant to light up your interior and beyond. Behind each creation are the talented women artisans from Lalanne, Senegal, united to fund their projects and dreams. Your purchase supports authenticity, craftsmanship, and female entrepreneurship.


Length: 50cm

Width: 50cm

Height: 15cm

Weight: 170g

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